Article Link:

Copy and paste a link to the article you chose to read.

‍Topic:danny doing stunts with his bike

What is the topic of this article?

‍Main Idea:his amazing stuntes

What is the most important idea about the topic the author is trying to get the reader to understand?
In other words, what is the article mostly about?

‍Key DetailsWhat is the idea from each paragraph?

You will probably find at least 3-5 big ideas, but there may be more.
1.about his life long he has learned how to use a bike
3.danny had a lot of injeises sopport him

‍Text Feature:

Name a few features of non-fiction that you found in your chosen article.

‍Text Feature Information:

Choose one of the text features you found and explain what you learned about your topic because of the feature.


Please write down any questions you had about the article or topic either before you read, while you were reading, or after you finished reading. can he do all of those stunts
2.why did he give up his carrire
3.why did he do a website


When you work on enrichment work during reading, come back to this page and do additional research related to topic of your article.
You can use your questions as a starting point.
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