Student-led conferences are a time for you and your parents to have reflective conversations about your progress this year and your goals for the future. It is meant to be an opportunity for real discussions about learning. To get the full advantage of your conference time, it would be best to start talking about this at home a few days before conferences.

When we meet at your conference, I will be talking to you and your parents about the discussion you had. I'll want to know all about what you feel are your strengths and what you would like to improve in your learning. These can be academic skills and/or classroom behaviors. You can help your parents prepare for our conversation. We don't want Mom and Dad to be caught off gaurd!
Here's what to do:
1) Open the power point or the word document link at the top of the page. (They contain the same questions and information, but you can choose the format that you like best or works best on your computer.)
2) Read all the questions and think about them carefully. When you feel you have some thoughts on each, tell your parents you're ready to have a conversation.
3) Share your thinking for each question and be honest. Your parents just want to know how you feel about your own learning.
4) If you would like to, you can type your responses on the power point or word document, or you can print it and write your responses on paper. You do not have to write or type any of your responses out at all. It's up to you!...just as long as you're ready to talk at your conference.
5) If you do choose to type or write your responses, you can e-mail them to me and we can look at them together when we meet. If you hand write them, just bring them along with you.

I look forward to discussing all your wonderful thinking and goal setting with you and your parents!