Welcome to Spring 2012 Conferences!
Students, it's time for you to shine and take the lead as you share with your parents all the hard work you've done this school year. For each subject area, there are a list of choices to share with your parents. Choose one or two items for each subject. You will also have a chance to share your favorite projects and/or wiki features. Use the list below and the links on your portfolio page to guide you. At some point during your conference, you will want to come and visit with your teacher. At our meeting, we will discuss your thoughts about your learning and behavior and set some goals for your future. You have sooooooooooooooo much to be proud of! It's time to get sharing. Have fun!!!!

Reader's Response
Book Club Moodle
Reading Strategy Sheet
Realistic Fiction Story
The Lorax Project-Wiki pageThe Lorax Project-Essay paragraphs

Social Studies
Three Fires Presentation
Michigan Territory Moodle
Sun, Moon, and Earth
Electricity and Magnetism Sound, Matter, and Energy

Select one of the quizzes from That Quiz and complete it together (If you have time, you may take both!!)
Test codes:
Elapsed Time-DNVR4750
Measurement-BSPA3287Play Shading Shapes or Multiplication Baseball
Student Choice
Choose any feature of the wiki or a page/project you created that you are most proud of or excited about to share