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Important Dates
  • June 1-Spirit Day-Flip Flop Day
  • June 6-Field Day-12:20-3:00
  • June 13-3rd Grade Party-1:15-3:30

Math-We're focusing on landmarks like mean (average), median, and mode in unit 10. The children are practicing collecting and organizing data to make frequency tables, line plots and graphs.
Your child SHOULD be practicing at least 50/100 multiplication, or 50 division facts on the back of everyday's home links. Also facts on xtramath 3-4 times a week.

Reading-We are continuing to work on fiction and non-fiction reading strategies. Pages for types of non-fiction, features of non-fiction and kid sources of non-fiction can all be found on our wiki on the Reading link on the left navigation bar (links also below).

Word Sorts-ENDING for THIS YEAR with our test on May 29th.
PLEASE HELP YOUR CHILD TO DO THEIR NEATEST AND MOST CORRECT LETTER FORMATION when doing their word sort homework. Now it's time to try practicing cursive as they do their spelling practice. Also look for CAPITALS AND PERIODS before turning in their work. Access to some sorts if needed:
Alien's Groups:
Astronaut's Groups:

Social Studies-(With Mrs. Fazzolara)-Have your child share his/her learning on the Social Studies Moodle.

Science(With Mrs. Kreyger)-Patterns and Predictions is our last unit of study, which encompasses all that we've learned this year. Our world is full of patterns that help us make predictions and learn about the world. Check out our work on our science pattern pages.

Writing-Our learning about natural resources (both renewable and non-renewable), sustainable living and more with our Lorax Project is wrapping up. The children have turned this research into informational newsletters. They'll be uploading them to their portfolios soon. You can check out more about our Lorax Project at the link below:

Cursive-We continue to practice weekly cursive and hopefully your child is practicing this with spelling homework. We'll try some of our assignment planner next.