My Turkey Journal

Please have your turkey answer the following questions in the chart below.

Turkey's Name
Favorite Movie
spongebob squarepants
Favorite Sport
Favorite Book
how to become an awesome player
Favorite Color
4 inches
10 lbs
Eye Color
red and green
Feather Colors
brown,red,green,white, and purple
Best Character Trait
tv and sports
Most Embarrassing Moment
when I pooped in my pants
Best Memory
when I got made
Awards Won
fastest runner
Plans for the Future
being a pro for gobble on the Detroit
Fun Fact
on the first day made 25 turkey friends

Add your nightly journal entries below. Be sure to include the date and a complete paragraph! Have fun!

Nov. 13, 2011, Today I had an ok day. I went to Alex's football game. It was weird because all of the people where throwing balls at each other. I was lucky I didn't get hit by a ball. [I am going to get better at catching a ball] After that I went into the car and went to my house. I watched football. They are really dumb because they throw the ball so hard. That was my first day at a football game.

Nov.14.2011 Today I had a bad day. I went to this big thing and when I got there I was in my box and under a big mountain. Some times I would hear a big BANG and fall out of my bed and on to my lasers. They would go of. I stopped them with my buttons on the wall. After that I felt something moving but all it was, was my owner taking me to this shorts sports thing. That was my bad day.

Nov.15.2011 Today I had a wired day. When I went to that school I had to spend the day in my house again. But then in about 5 hours I felt something I was moving then I stopped again and my house opened. It was my owner he took me out said "flood put Turks in gobbledegook's house". So I went into his house and we became friends. Then it was time to go inside so we did and I got left in my house for the rest of the day.

Nov.16.2011 Today I had a good day. I had to stay in my house the whole day. But I played in it for half of the day then I went out of my house. I played jenga the tower fell on me but I was ok. After that I went back to my house but it was not there so I hide. It came back with more tape. I was happy and I fell a sleep. That was my good day.

Nov.17.2011 Today I had a fun day. I had to stay in my house but I played sports. First I played football it was hard to get it up so high in the air. Then I played soccer it was so easy. After that I played basketball I could hardly score. Finally I was going to play skateboarding but it was time to leave. That was my fun day.

Nov.18.2011 Today I had a yummy day. First when I woke up the clock said 4:10 no one was up. So I went to the Cider Mill I got a donut and cider. Then when I got home every one was up. So my owner took me to school. When we got there I snuck out of my house and went to the clock I changed it to 12:00. Then I went to Mc.Donalds it was great. When I got back it was time to go home. That was my yummy day.

Nov.19.2011 Today I had a great day. I went to that school but after it all of us would get a sleep over. I got so happy I bumped in to my tv. It broke so I am going to sleep on Mrs.Kreyger's chair. Then all of us had a pillow fight. After that I heard my phone ring. It was my friend he said "I have a sleep over there are 8 pepole here" then he hung up. That was my great day.

Nov.27.2011 Dear the Shapero family,
Please don't eat me becouse I am like your pet and I am a pine cone. I am not good and i'm not fat. If you put me in a uven I will burn your house down. I lived with a dog and I never got eaten. so thats why you would not want to eat me.